About Our Holidays System

General Information

Attend-Ace is a powerful multi-user Internet based employee holidays and attendance system, designed to make handling your employees holidays as simple as possible.

Designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind from the start, Attend-Ace allows you to :
  • Set your company year commencing date so the Attend-Ace calendar shows your company year.

  • Define your holiday allowance so Attend-Ace can calculate the number of holiday entitlement every year.

  • Define your holiday restrictions so Attend-Ace will only allow up to x employees on holiday / sick / off without pay and different dates.

  • Set non-work dates to prevent holidays from being booked on these dates

  • Set 'Compulsory Holiday' dates if you have a company shut down period and all employees must take x holidays leave on those dates. All employees will automatically have those dates assigned as holidays taken.

  • Set 'Day In Lieu' dates where employees can be given a day in lieu for working that date.

AttendAce Handles:

  • Full days Holidays
  • 1/2 day holidays AM
  • 1/2 day holidays PM
  • Sick days
  • Days off without Pay
  • Bank holidays / Lieu days
  • compulsory holiday periods
  • non-work periods

Print out employee holidays at any time or the Internet version allows employees to see their holiday usage for themselves.

AttendAce screen shot

AttendAce presents you with all your employees holidays on a year calendar. You can also display just one selected employee only

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