About our purchase order system

General Information

PurchAce, purchase order system is a powerful yet user friendly software package to allow the recording of and reporting on all your corporate purchases.

PurchAce is now available in three versions depending on your demands:
  • network based - installed on each PC on your network
  • Citrix / Terminal Services - installed on your server and used by client PCs
  • Internet based - Hosted by us, accessed through a standard web browser with no installation required

... and each version of PurchAce can be provided as:
  • Multi-user - each user has their own user account. Managers can restrict user accounts to use certain parts of the system.
  • Multi-computer - multiple users can access the system at the same time.
  • Multi-company - large companies with segregated companies can run multiple companies and log into the each companies system.

So whatever size of company and whatever setup you have, we have a solution for you.

PurchAce has been designed from the ground up to be user-friendly whilst not compromising on features.

You can assign purchase order lines to cost centres (providing your user account has been given authority to assign to that cost centre).

VAT is handled for UK users, with default VAT rate that can be changed per PO line. The default VAT rate can be changed if the VAT rate changes in future. PurchAce users in countries that do not use VAT or other tax on the purchase of products and services can easily switch off VAT in the setup creen.

Users can Request authorisation from a specific manager and email that manager with the request and attached PO direct from PurchAce. Managers are notified of POs pending their specific authorisation. If you use the web based version of PurchAce, authorising an urgent PO is as simple as clicking the authorise link in the email, logging in and clicking the Authorise button.

PurchAce provides a Free field for you to rename and use for any non-standard information. So for example, you could name the field, 'Job IDs' to allow you to assign POs to Jobs in your company and PurchAce will then allow you to search for POs by Job ID.

PurchAce allows you to Search for POs using multiple criteria. You can then save that reporting criteria for quick load for reports that you undertake frequently.

Search for products across all suppliers. Find the best price for a specific product or show all the supplier that sell that product.

Make internal notes that only your users can see and printed notes that appear at the end of your purchase order.

PurchAce has it's own built in purchase order layout designer so you can tweak or radically re-design the layout of your printed or emailed purchaser orders.

Email POs as PDF documents to your suppliers direct from within PurchAce

PurchAce will allow up to 6 levels of authorisation - so, up to 6 different managers can authorise a purchase order are 6 levels

For larger companies, each manager users can authorise to a specific level in the authorisation hierarchy and the value they can authorise to can also be restricted.

Want a free, no obligation trial?

If you would like to trial the new web based version, please contact us so we can set you up with a no obligation account.

If you have any special requirements, would like to confirm anything,

If you would like to trial the networked version, please feel free to Download and install the Free Trial.